SIP trunks and the future

SIP trunks and the future

  • Peter Marshall

SIP trunking is a standards-based replacement for traditional ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network).

It connects your PABX to the national network (PSTN) via broadband.

Compared to ISDN, SIP trunking service is less costly per channel in some cases as much as 60% cheaper, most UK calls can be included in the SIP trunk rental and they can be much more flexible in how and where locational telephone numbers can be used. It’s also quicker to install and provision and can be set up with minutes with new numbers, geographical and non-geographical such as 0333 numbers, as standard.

ISDN & Legacy Services

BT have set a firm date to now switch of its legacy network “2025” and will cease selling legacy services such as ISDN as soon as 2020

SIP is now a well-established technology and should be the preferred solution for businesses of all sizes.

SIP in many ways out performs ISDN

SIP gives businesses more enhanced flexibility, network level monitoring and often returns substantial cost savings. In addition, SIP improves call handling and enables rationalized distribution of lines across multiple sites, improving resource allocation and again saving costs.
SIP also facilitates growth and scalability within a business and with the right provider, is a secure and robust technology for mission-critical operations.

SIP enables call routing at the core of the network and calls can be routed to any pre-defined destination, including mobile, alternative site or remote office and across multiple carriers for additional resilience. The redirection of calls can happen automatically within pre-defined parameters, minimizing downtime.

How resilient is SIP

SIP trunking is now a relatively mature service used by thousands of UK organizations and this alone is the key testimony to the reliability of SIP.

For added reassurance, while you switch SIP trunking can even be used with existing ISDN connections to ensure the transition goes smoothly.

Should any disaster occur, you can employ SIP trunking to reduce and minimize disruption to your business. For example, if your London branch has to close in an emergency, and you need the calls routed to Manchester immediately, SIP trunks can handle these emergencies easily.

They are set up to be disaster recovery and /or business continuity ready, letting you rearrange calls to an alternative location quickly and easily.

How simple is it to change

SIP trunks are ideal if you are moving, upsizing or downsizing and want to keep your current numbers or want to add numbers. It is relatively easy to scale up lines during seasonally busy periods and back down again afterwards. You can add or take away lines and split calls at any time. The great thing is that the business owner is always in control.

Making the move to SIP

It’s all about choosing the right partner and making sure you contact a dependable SIP provider and have the right appropriated bandwidth and secure connection.

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