Our support team can help you with any of your technical queries before or after purchasing, contact our team on 033 00 55 2454



Should you choose we can remotely assist or visit your site with any configuration for your system, form adding new handsets to setting up SIP our technical team can help, call us on 033 00 55 2454


Need expert help with a project for your telephony or IT, then we are here to make sure your installation runs smoothly, with our technical expertise to install and commission your network, gateway, PBX or firewalls get in touch 033 00 55 2454


We can provide you with a full service contract from a fully secured 12 monthly payment or a rolling credit basis for your IT infrastructure to your on-site PBX, call us on 033 00 55 2454



Before purchasing your hardware most systems will want the correct software keys to be able to take those additions or changes, if you’re unsure we can assist to make those changes less stressful, call us on 033 00 55 2454

Software Upgrade

At some point the manufacturer will release a new level of software to give you more features and facilities or to resolve known issues. If you don’t have the technical expertise in-house, we can assist, from checking your system for the correct level of software to ordering and implementation. call us on 033 00 55 2454


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